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SLATE: And so ends another year at K-State.

We drift off into what are truly the darkest days: 12 weeks of basically nothing.

Well, I’d ban Coors Light too, so...
Well, I’d ban Coors Light too, so...
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s the worst Monday of the year: the Monday after K-State no longer has any sports to play until autumn. It’s so devastating that we couldn’t even manage to crawl out of bed and get the Slate up for you this morning.

Mourn with us.

(Okay, we were also hoping there’d be more than one thing to report on today. The strategy worked.)


I won’t link it because it’s behind a hard paywall, but you’re going to be stunned to discover that apparently K-State’s 2020 recruiting class does not rank ninth in the Big 12. Nor seventh. Nor fifth. Chris Klieman has managed to pull in enough talent that the Wildcats are currently ranked fourth in the conference. Wow.

Part of what leads to this: Klieman landed another 2020 three-star over the weekend, as McPherson’s Cody Stufflebean announced he’s coming to Manhattan. It wasn’t a hard sell, as K-State has long been Stufflebean’s dream, but we’re still not going to shrug at a 6’4” 232 lb. defensive end/tight end who had Wisconsin and Virginia Tech knocking on his door. Here’s more from Kellis Robinett at the Eagle and from the McPherson News via Peter Holland Jr.

Now we just have to get used to saying “Stufflebean” out loud.

BracketCat’s been busy; peruse the two latest entries in this year’s countdown, numbers 83 and 82. The former is, of course, senior wideout Dalton Schoen, while the latter is redshirt sophomore walk-on tight end Cameron Cotton.


Finally, I’m really not sure how to feel about the Daily Caller of all places deciding to roast Gene Taylor over K-State continuing to resist pulling the trigger on beer sales at BSFS. But it’s a thing, and they did it, and here we are.