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SLATE: Unofficial Start of Summer brings Little Sports News

Volleyball sets off for Brazil this week.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas State
Not Joe Davies. If you can name this No. 96, you are a real K-State fan.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The day after Memorial Day is just about as quiet on the K-State sports front as the holiday itself was.

This morning, Bracketcat marked 96 days until the kickoff of K-State football with his introduction of defensive tackle Joe Davies.

Coach Suzie Fritz will take her volleyball squad on a 9-day trip to Brazil beginning tomorrow. The trip will allow the team to play five matches against international competition and, perhaps more importantly, gave them the opportunity to hold ten practice sessions to prepare. Brazil is a premium place to visit, as it is known for high quality volleyball competition, having won the Olympic gold medal in both 2008 and 2012,

A free article over at GoPowercat discusses how Peyton Williams’ selection to the US Pan-America team helps Jeff Mittie make his recruiting pitch to top-end players for the women’s basketball program.

That’s it for sports news. Also relevant in Manhattan, the Army Corps of Engineers says it will start releasing some water through the tubes at Tuttle Creek Reservior on Wednesday but has no plans to open the emergency spillway. Cheney, John Redmond and Perry Lakes, among others, have already begun releasing water. Floodwaters are projected to remain in some areas well into June.