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SLATE: Peyton Williams chosen for U.S. Pan-American team

Peyton Williams unloaded on Saturday. Can she do the same tonight?
Peyton Williams will represent the United States at the Pan-Am games in Lima, Peru.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The last-ever installment of our Game of Thrones nerdfest, “Requiem for the Throne” asks the essential question: In the end, was the show any good? So far, opinions are split.

The big K-State sports news of the day involves Women’s basketball player and Topeka native Peyton Williams, who was selected to represent the good ol’ U.S.A. as a member of the U.S. Pan American team. She is the first K-State player to be selected since Laurie Koehn played on the squad in 2003.

On the men’s side of the hoops complex, K-State Sports Extra tells of a crossroad that led assistant Jermaine Henderson to Manhattan after twenty years on the bench at Cleveland State.

Coach Klieman keeps adding running back commitments for the future. As reported in yesterday’s slate, Lee’s Summit product Keyon Mozee is the latest to pledge his services. The Mercury weighed in on the commit, the sixth for the 2020 cycle.

K-State discus thrower Ashley Petrs was once a walk-on and a Division II performer. Now she’s Big 12 runner-up and has her sights set on becoming an All-American. Corbin McGuire brings you her story.

Best wishes to everyone confronting the ravages of this weather. Stay dry, everyone.