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SLATE: Kansas State tennis vaults to seventh place

Baseball, meanwhile, gets drilled.

The rebound is on. Is it in time?
The rebound is on. Is it in time?
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Three mornings ago, the Kansas State Wildcats tennis squad was mired in last place in the Big 12, without a single conference win to their name.

Now they cannot finish any worse than eighth after their second straight rout. In their home finale, the Wildcats (12-9, 2-6) dispatched Iowa State (5-10, 1-6) 6-1 on Sunday to secure their second win in a row and — thanks to West Virginia’s loss at Kansas on Sunday — permanently escape the Big 12 cellar.

Although K-State sits in seventh place now, Baylor (1-5 in conference play) has two matches in hand over the Cats, and they’re against West Virginia and Iowa State. That means it’s likely the Bears will indeed make it to three conference wins; meanwhile, K-State has only one conference match remaining and that’s at #14 Kansas this weekend.

It probably won’t matter that much, as both Baylor and K-State will almost certainly win in the first round of the Big 12 tournament, and will both then face a nightmare. Being the eighth seed likely means a second round meeting with #7 Texas; the seventh will probably get either #12 Oklahoma State or #14 Kansas.


Creighton won 11-1 and we’ll just leave this here and move on before we get depressed. The BatCats will host Nebraska-Omaha on Wednesday before swinging back into Big 12 play.