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SLATE: Moving on

Cleaning up some basketball details and looking in on Spring football

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Kansas State
Dean Wade will look to rise above his foot injuries as he contemplates his professional prospects.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Though we are still bummed about the Wildcats’ early exit from the NCAA tournament, life, as they say (whoever “they” are) goes on. One tidbit we may have missed in our disappointed stupor was a short video clip from KSNT in which Dean Wade reflected on his K-State journey, saying he wouldn’t change a thing. I imagine Dean, on further reflection, would have preferred not to be injured. But the sentiment is clear: He appreciates the experience, even considering the hardship and disappointment. It’s been said again and again, but cannot be stressed enough, how much we should all appreciate the contributions Dean Wade, Barry Brown and Kamau Stokes made the Kansas State. We may truly appreciate just how much they meant next season, after they are gone.

At the Mercury, Ryan Black speculates on what lies ahead for both Wade and his junior teammate, Xavier Sneed. Wade says he knows very little about the process of becoming a pro and will utilize the experience of Coach Weber and the assistants to learn about the process. Coach Weber speculates that Sneed may follow the path that Barry blazed last year, entering his name in the NBA draft without hiring an agent, which would allow him to get feedback from pro teams and—if he’s not expecting to get drafted—withdraw his name and return to K-State for his senior season.

On the other side of the athletic complex, Spring football practice continues. K-State Sports extra goes in-depth with K-State Defensive Coordinator Scottie Hazelton, who brings both high energy and a seasoned perspective to the squad. Coach Klieman also picked up his first commitment for the 2019-2020 squad, Olathe East defensive end Nate Matlack. The 6’4, 211-pound junior is a 3-star recruit in Rivals rankings.

Our last story today, also from K-State Sports Extra, concerns middle-distance and cross-country runner Kassidy Johnson, who used a stress fracture and medical redshirt during her freshman year to her advantage, training her body through grueling uphill bicycle sprints. Johnson returned to competition this season and ran the second-fastest 1,000 meter race in K-State history at the Big 12 Championships.