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Baylor Gameday!

Will Kansas State get out of the Big 12 cellar today?

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


Kansas State meets Baylor today in the Big 12 home opener for the Wildcats. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 PM and the game will air on ESPN2 and associated streaming services. For more game-related details, here’s the HOW TO WATCH post, courtesy of AMS.

The Wildcats are slightly favored to win this game, but not according to TB’s Kicking the Tires feature, which gives the Bears a slight edge. Let’s hope he’s wrong.

Kansas State will take the field with a different look today and the players love the new unis and whatever don’t care just win.

In his weekly K-State Q&A, Kellis Robinett offers insight into the John Holcombe transfer, why Kansas State’s receivers had such a hard time getting open against Oklahoma State, and whether Baylor is as good as the 4-0 record would suggest.

Meanwhile, Collin Klein hinted at big recruiting news, but didn’t offer any detail. The recruiting aficionados among you can now engage in ALL THE SPECULATION.

Finally, a word about Late Night in the Phog and Snoop Dogg-related shenanigans in Lawrence. It was undoubtedly as brazen a middle finger as any program under investigation has ever given to the NCAA, and Bill Self and Jeff Long entered damage control mode and feigned as much innocence as possible for two grown men in 2019.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care about this. College sports and entertainment exist in overlapping universes anyway, so this shouldn’t move the outrage needle much. But considering that Kansas State had to issue a formal apology for a band formation that was only suggestive if you squinted while wearing KU-colored glasses, I hope the Big 12 comes down hard on Kansas for an on-campus athletic event that featured pole dancers and Snoop Dogg throwing out cuss words. Anything less would suggest preferential treatment from the league and surely only Texas is allowed to get that.

And on that note...

Go Cats!