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SLATE: Another hot garbage Monday

It’s another day of downers.

When it rains, it pours
When it rains, it pours
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

You’d think your benevolent despot might get a Monday or Friday morning where something good is actually happening. Maybe at least something newsworthy with a lot of discussion potential.

No, today is yet another in a litany of garbage days with garbage news.

We start the long walk with some truly sad news. K-State has reported that Keith Amerson, who played for the Wildcats under Lon Kruger and Dana Altman from 1989-91, died on December 29 in New Rochelle, N.Y at the age of 50. Amerson was a captain in 1990-91, leading the team in rebounds and scoring 8.5 points per game. His real legacy in Manhattan, however, is that the team’s academic achievement award is named for him.

Moving on to truly annoying news, Jeff Mittie has a headache to deal with. Mary Lakes was arrested this morning on her second domestic battery charge in six months, as reported by Riley Gates at GPC. The July charges were dropped, but it remains to be seen how their existence in the first place affects Mittie’s decision-making. Lakes has only been playing about seven minutes a game, so he may not stress over it too much, if you catch our meaning.

In the wake of Chris Klieman winning yet another national championship, Alex Kirshner at the mothership ponders which FBS teams would probably lose to North Dakota State. (Spoiler: we would, but Kirshner notes that makes it a good thing that we hired Klieman.)

Finally, in the wake of his first playoff win as a Philadelphia Eagle, we discover via Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia that Darren Sproles is being harassed. Who could possibly be tormenting our favorite running back ever? His teammate, Zach Ertz (a.k.a. Mr. Julie Johnson), who begs him incessantly to re-evaluate his decision to retire at season’s end. Can’t say we blame him.