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Slate: K-State Basketball suffers two losses

Both K-State’s basketball teams lost yesterday, plus notes on Bill Snyder’s retirement and a chance encounter with a bus.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Kansas State
You get a loss, and you get a loss, and you get a loss. Losses for everyone!!
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Bevo reign of terror continued Wednesday. Following his dastardly charge at an innocent puppy Tuesday night, Bevo took aim at the purple kitty ‘Cats, and promptly gored them 67-47 in the ‘Cats play house. The ‘Cats will lick their wounds and try to recover in time to face the Red Raiders this weekend. Luke Sobba recapped the gory scene from last night.

In happier news Drew Schneider returns to Bring on the Cats to preview grad transfer James Gilbert and what he will bring to Coach Klieman’s offense in 2019.


I’m not going to spend much Slate space on posting all of the recap’s from last nights disaster. Luke covered it phenomenally and if you’re really that much of a glutton for punishment then I’m sure you know how to search the internet for that particular brand of torture.

However, we will link to a report on Kamau Stokes’ status following a foot injury. He obviously missed last night’s game against Texas, and he remains uncertain for this weekend’s game against the Red Raiders from Texas Tech. (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

In more basketball bad news, the women were also destroyed last night, falling on the road to Iowa State 96-58. This is now the 7th consecutive year the Wildcats have lost the conference opener. (staff reports, Manhattan Mercury)


We’ll finish today’s slate with a little football news. Kansas State released the official retirement agreement for Bill Snyder which includes quarterly payments totaling $3 million over three years. (Staff Reports, Manhattan Mercury)

Lastly, during my drive in the sleet and freezing rain this morning to take the kiddos to daycare, I passed a bus. Now this normally isn’t note worthy, except this particular bus had National Champions plastered all over it and was painted Green and Gold. That’s right, your’s truly passed the North Dakota State Bison team bus on it’s way south to Frisco for their game this weekend. Good luck and Go Bison!