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SLATE: Boring Open Thread Monday

Basically nothing new to discuss today, so have at it.

Doom. Doom. Doom. It’s all doom.
Doom. Doom. Doom. It’s all doom.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached a true nadir here at BotC World Headquarters: an in-season Monday with literally no K-State news worth reporting.

Oh, sure. Corbin McGuire has a feature on motivational speaker Ben Newman and his connection with Chris Klieman in today’s Sports Extra, but that... that is it, friends.

Pound the stone, y’all. It’s an open thread Monday, which you should appreciate more than your benevolent despot expressing his thoughts on the steaming pile the good guys left on the floor in College Station on Saturday.

No, really. You don’t want to hear it. Also, it’s not safe for work. Or home. Even if you live alone on an island.