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SLATE: Jeff Mittie lands his first two 2021 recruits

Also: the men are back on the radar.

The problem isn’t just the guys.
Mittie’s up to his stuff again.
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The big news today: Jeff Mittie has opened the books on K-State’s 2021 recruting class, landing two commits over the weekend.

You may not be able to tell them apart, though, as those two commits are Brylee and Jaelyn Glenn of Barstow Academy in Kansas City, and they are twins. You’ll be able to tell them apart, though, as Brylee’s only 5’10” and Jaelyn is an even six.

Last season, the twins were both named to the all-district first team when they were both freshmen, so they’ll be dominating Kansas City for another three years before arriving on campus. But, as Justin Toscano of the Mercury reports, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

As for the men, at the mothership Mike Rutherford outlines every crazy thing that happened this weekend, including the Big 12 deciding to cannibalize itself. At Bleacher Report, Kerry Miller has vaulted K-State from an eleven to an eight seed after their recent heroics; his bracket projection places the Cats in Columbia, S.C., to face Ohio State before meeting the winner of the Wagner/Norfolk State play-in game.

I mean, the winner of that game plays Virginia in Miller’s bracket, so we’re just making the natural assumption here, right?

That’s all we’ve got today. Feel free to moan and complain about the fact that the Super Bowl should be Kansas City/New Orleans instead of the poo-pile we ended up with, and we’ll see you tomorrow.