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Slate: K-State special teams are a key component of the best college football team.

K-State special teams may be the best in the country. Plus Urban Meyer sucks, no more RPI, and high expectations for K-State basketball

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s gonna be a quick and dirty slate today as your author is super crunched for time.

Let’s get this out of the way up front (I’m sure Jon will have a more in-depth analysis tomorrow) Urban Meyer is a dumpster fire of a human being and Ohio State should be scorned for that craptastic press conference yesterday.

Now onto K-State stuffs.


Bracket Cat was a busy man yesterday marking day 10 and day 9 (today) until College football seasons. Which means we got previews of Blake Lynch, Skylar Thompson, and Hunter Rison.

Wildcat00 stepped up to breakdown the linebacking unit.

K-State games will return to WIBW in Topeka this season. (Tim Bisel, Capital Journal)

K-State’s offense should have a great running game this season, with the entire 0-line returning, the starting running back, and the starting QB. (Arne Green, Capital Journal)

Finally, SBNation set out to create the college football version of the Golden State Warriors (BOOOOOO!!!!) Which means of course they set tagged Kansas State’s special teams as a key ingredient in making the best college football team possible. (Spencer Hall, SBNation)

Finally, I’ll end today’s football section with a request. Take the 2018 SBNation football preview quest for Kansas State. It’s trippy.


Kansas State checks in at number 2 in’s early Big 12 power rankings. (Gary Bedore, KC Star)

At long last the NCAA is doing away with the RPI. And there was much rejoicing in the streets for college basketball fans. It is being replaced with NET. NET takes into account game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, offensive and defensive efficiency and the quality of wins and losses. (Jeff Borzello,