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Slate: Kansas State opens fall practice

Kansas State opens fall practice today, and we look at three things to watch this fall, plus a preview of the WVU game.

Kansas State v Texas Tech
Dancing into fall camp
Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

The Urban Meyer story will dominate college football headlines for a while, so for a respite today, I will post no links about said story. Only K-State news makes the cut today.

First up, three things Kansas State fans need to look out for heading into fall camp. (Tim Bisel, The Capital Journal)

Big 12 breakdowns are slowly trickling out from various outlets, and today released their conference preview. (Watch out for the annoying auto play video) (

Smoking Musket is doing their schedule countdown, and reached the Kansas State game today. This is the opening conference game for both teams, and the past two years have seen Kansas State snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Let’s hope Kansas State reverses this two year trend and picks up a victory. (WVUNite, Smoking Musket)