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SLATE: The regular season for Kansas State Athletics begins TONIGHT!

Soccer takes on Saint Louis, and other Friday news bits

Start paying attention now.
It’s time! No more lounging about! EMAW, baby!
Adam Stewart/Special to Bring on the Cats


We’re just over two weeks away from actual football, and yesterday BracketCat reached #16 on his annual countdown with his profile of freshman defensive back Derek Bowman. Meanwhile, over in the audio portion of the BotC empire, Luke Thompson and Tye Burger joined forces with your favorite recurring guest star Nick Leckey in this week’s Bring on the PodCats.


Via the Star, the Eagle’s Hayden Barber focuses on redshirt freshman OL Josh Rivas, who got up to a whopping 370 after being recruited at 335, but has since shed 60 pounds in the weight room and is fighting for a spot on the starting five.

Arne Green checks in at the Garden City Telegram with yet another piece on the emergence of safety Denzel Goolsby.

Sports Illustrated’s Sam Chase tackles the betting lines on the Big 12 in 2018. K-State? 2000-1 to win it.


Staying in the Sports Illustrated tent, Molly Geary offers up an off-season report on the Big 12 and pegs K-State to chase those fake birds down the river all the way to the wire.


At the Mercury, our old pal Greg Woods breaks down the upcoming season — which, ahem, starts tonight at the K-State Soccer Complex as the Cats welcome the Saint Louis Billikens at 7:00pm. That game will air on ESPN3, with Brian Smoller and Oscar Montenegro calling the action. All ten home matches will be available either via ESPN3, FOX College Sports, or

In today’s Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire checks in with the only two players remaining from the initial batch of Wildcats: seniors Haley Sutter and Krista Haddock.