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Slate: K-State Promotes Smith to Head Tennis Coach

K-State promoted tennis assistant and interim coach Jordan Smith to the head coaching position on July 2, 2018.


Our impatient countdown to football season continued Monday, with BracketCat featuring another of K-State’s formidable offensive linemen, number 61, Abdul Beecham.


Our pals over at Burnt Orange Nation got together with our inestimable leader, Jon Morse, via podcast to weigh the prospects for this year’s Wildcat football squad. They paid particular attention to how the defense hopes to reload.


The departure of head tennis coach Danielle Steinberg left a tremendous void after one of the most successful seasons in K-State history. K-State filled the vacancy by promoting 29-year-old assistant Jordan Smith, who played his collegiate tennis at Memphis. Smith had been acting as interim head coach, but now the full gig is his. He’s excited for the opportunity and, according to Corbin McGuire in K-State Sports Extra, the team is stoked to have him lead the program.


Julia Jorns at the Collegian posted some sports briefs, including news that Coach Pete Hughes has hired a pitching game coordinator with an old-timey name: Cord “Buck” Taylor. Taylor comes to K-State after 14 successful years at Palomar Community College in San Marcos, California.


After losing an epic match against Belgium in heartbreaking fashion, Japan’s World Cup team made headlines by leaving their locker room utterly spotless, with a thank you note from the team to the Russian locker room attendants. What does it say about us that this is news? Look at K-State’s sideline after any football game, home or away, and you will see the same basic but uncommon citizenship in action.

Be safe tomorrow, everyone.