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SLATE: Dalton Risner on Wuerffel watch list

Non-con shenanigans, the QB Power, and some basketball stuff too

It’s all a plot to keep Risner on our front page non-stop.
It’s all a plot to keep Risner on our front page non-stop.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, your benevolent despot rolls his eyes at preseason watch list, because really all they consist of is a compilation of all the returning starters who have pulses, plus guys expected to have breakouts.

Today, it’s a bit of a different deal. K-State offensive lineman Dalton Risner has been placed on the preseason watch list for the Wuerffel Trophy, which doesn’t honor players for their on-field talent but instead for their community service. It’s the second year in a row Risner’s made the preseason cut, because he’s just that cool.

Non-conference scheduling seems to be a big topic today. Sonny Shipp, writing for LSU‘s 247 site, lists 10 games he’d like to see against teams LSU hasn’t played this century. K-State, my friends, is on his list. Knew those Cajuns were alright. (Also, never forget #LSU4B12.)

Meanwhile, over in Morgantown, Allan Taylor of the Dominion Post ranks the Big 12’s non-conference schedules. K-State is, unsurprisingly, right smack in the middle.

Over at EDSBS Spencer Hall explains the QB Power, which none of you need to have explained to you, in an article for dumb people who do. Naturally the piece both begins and ends with Bill Snyder, just like the QB Power probably will.


Corbin McGuire explains K-State basketball’s goal for 2018-19 in today’s Sports Extra: get better.

One guy who doesn’t think that’s going to happen: Joe Boozell, writing for, who offers up his 64 fearless predictions for the season. Number 28? K-State will underperform their lofty pre-season ranking.