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SLATE: Despite five returning starters, might Bill Snyder change Kansas State’s offensive line?

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Our headline today refers to yesterday’s piece from the Eagle’s Kellis Robinett, who talked to Bill Snyder and the player reps at Media Days about which Wildcats to keep an eye on for breakout years. Good read, with special notice being aimed at Josh Rivas, Nick Kaltmayer, Dalton Schoen, Dalvin Warmack, and some other folks.

It’s not really that surprising a concept, as K-State has often had eight or nine guys heavily in the rotation up front. But the idea that one or more starters might actually get displaced in camp is still a little hard to wrap one’s brain around. All five returning starters played very, very well last year.

But it’s not out of the question. Rivas, especially, has had a big arrow pointing at him since the day he committed.

Here at the homestead, our own Gracey Terrill was a guest on the YouTube-based Mark Rogers show, and they discussed the aftermath of Media Days. Also, BracketCat hit number 44 on the countdown with his profile of defensive lineman Kyle Ball.

Colby Moore was the surprise replacement for Duke Shelley at Media Days, and no, we still don’t know why Duke didn’t make the trip. In today’s Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire reveals just how it was that Moore ended up at K-State in the first place.

At the Dallas Morning News college football blog, Chuck Carlton answered live questions. Among notable items: Carlton thinks K-State’s quarterback race is the most interesting in the league, and that K-State will vie with TCU for the honor of having the Big 12’s best defense.

You know, despite everyone claiming nobody’s coming back on that side of the ball.

Scott Wright of the Oklahoman runs down coaches’ reactions to the new redshirt rule, and of course he zoomed in on Bill Snyder’s concerns.

Finally, nothing at all to do with EMAW, but Wright also profiles an Oklahoma State tight end recruit, which is important because somehow said recruit didn’t commit to Oklahoma. His name? Grayson BOOMER of Collinsville, Okla.