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SLATE: Kansas State lands another Houston QB

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Chris Herron joins John Holcombe on the Wildcat sideline.

The annual threat to the existing hierarchy has been landed.
The annual threat to the existing hierarchy has been landed.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There is, as usual for this time of year, very little to report in today’s Slate, but what we’ve got is sort of big:

That’s Houston-Langham Creek quarterback Chris Herron, who accumulated over 3,000 yards in total offense last year. He’s a 6’1” three-star, and his commitment means K-State will likely score its quarterback in two consecutive classes from the Houston area. Last December, K-State gathered in Houston-Summer Creek signal-caller John Holcombe, who also racked up almost 3.000 yards last fall.

And that, as they say, is that. No more news to report this fine Monday as we begin the last month in which no college football will be played. That being said, we can direct you to yesterday’s Countdown installment wherein BracketCat profiles #62, starting offensive lineman Tyler Mitchell.

Today’s pointless topic: will King James even reach the Western Conference semifinals next spring?

Happy July!