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Slate: Sneed’s Star Rising

Kansas State v Kentucky
Remember this moment?
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Yesterday’s Countdown to Kickoff spotlight from BrackeCat went to No. 68, six-foot five-inch 305-pound redshirt freshman Bill Kuduk.


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured rising star Xavier Sneed, focusing on his expectations for the coming season and his mother, Erica’s, expectations for him in everything. After his performance in the NCAA tournament, will Xaiver have the day-in, day-out confidence to be a consistent difference maker in his junior season?

KU coach Bill Self picked K-State to win the Big 12 in his summer poll. Of course, he was not allowed to pick his own squad. Also, he talked about how “difficult” his job would be this year, since he has to replace four starters. We all know that’s disingenuous, since virtually every national poll has the Jayhawks ranked either No. 1 or No. 2. But what else is he going to say?


Will Brennan has been playing summer baseball in the Cape Cod League with the Commodores in Falmouth, Massachusetts. He is joined on the team by longtime KC-area friend James Cosentino, who plays his college games for KU.


Because the summer Slate simply must include some mention of football, we searched far and wide, and found this: Our pals at Crimson and Cream Machine wrung their hands over which opponent stands the best chance to upset the Sooners this year and concluded K-State has the fourth-best opportunity. As if that insult were not enough, the post also includes a video retrospective of perhaps the most disappointing finish to a K-State game last year. Yes, if you watch until the end, you will hear that annoying song. You know which one I mean.

Women’s Basketball

In the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association all-star game Saturday night, K-State signee Christianna Carr led her squad with 20 points. The star of the game, though, was McPherson High School and Oklahoma signee Taylor Robertson, who poured in 29 points while collecting five rebounds, two assists and three blocks. It appears there is plenty of Kansas basketball talent on the women’s side of the ledger.