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SLATE: Winston Dimel officially headed from Kansas State to UTEP

A surprise PFF ranking, and way-too-early bracketology.

May the word “nepotism” never appear here again.
May the word “nepotism” never appear here again.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Short and sweet this morning, me hardies.

Via Twitter, Winston Dimel announced what everyone’s essentially been expecting ever since he announced his intent to transfer. He’s heading to Texas-El Paso to join his father Dana for the elder Dimel’s first season as UTEP head coach and Winston’s final season as a collegian.

We’re not embedding the tweet because the image is really big, but you can click on the link to see it.

Meanwhile, 247’s Sam Hellman writes about Penn State guard Steven Gonzalez, and you don’t care one bit about that. What you do care about is the mention of Abdul Beecham in the second paragraph, where it turns out Beecham has PFF’s third-best grade in the country among all returning offensive guards.

Don’t miss BracketCat’s latest countdown, this time featuring fan favorite wide receiver revelation Dalton Schoen.


Today’s Sports Extra features Corbin McGuire checking to see just how EMAW Barry Brown Jr. is now. Spoiler: he’s got a new tattoo.

Finally, it’s never too early to start filling out an early NCAA tournament bracket, regardless of the fact that nobody’s even played yet. You’ll like what Kevin Flaherty came up with at CBS Sports: K-State playing in Tulsa as a three seed, with a likely New Mexico State - Purdue - Virginia - Tennessee path to the final four.