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Slate: Kansas State’s lingering question.

The lingering questions at Kansas State continues to be asked. Who will replace Bill Snyder and when? Plus notes on Brad Hill’s departure as head coach of Kansas State baseball.

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - Texas A&M v Kansas State Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images


Yesterday, our resident Bring on the Cats lawyers and founder TB gave us a breakdown of what the recent SOCTUS ruling regarding sport gambling meant for Kansas State fans.


You can’t quit Bill. Or more precisecly we can’t quit talking about who Bill Snyder’s successor will be, and when we’ll find out the answer. This week in Andy Staples SI mailbag, Andy tries to figure out what the time line might look like, and says while Snyder should have input, he shouldn’t have the sole decision making power to name a replacement. (Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated)


The winningest coach in program history may be stepping down after this weekend, but Brad Hill leaves the program with a promising future.(Corbin McGuire,