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Slate: Quiet Monday in Wildcatland

Darren Sproles won a ring yesterday with the Eagles, but the current mood in Manhattan is about as cold as the weather here today.

Kansas State Spring Game
“Tank” finally has a ring.
Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Yesterday evening on NBC there were multi-million dollar commercials that were occasionally broken up by a football game. A pretty decent game actually, that saw the Philadelphia Eagles win their first-ever Super Bowl. That means that another former-Wildcat will be getting a Super Bowl ring, as even though he was injured most of the year, Darren Sproles was still on the team throughout the year. And look-out NFL, he says he’ll be back next year for more!


Somehow missed over the weekend was a late edition of Kellis Robinett’s K-State Q&A, where the big talk is about the pending promotion of Blake Seiler, and why that and the promotion of Andre Coleman are both good things for the Wildcat football program. Also, there was a pre-weekend look at something that happened on Saturday...


We’ve talked about it already, but it bears repeating. This was the worst loss a K-State men’s basketball team has experienced in 15 years. Fifteen. There is no excuse for that. There will be little difference at the end of the year between the 14 point loss a week ago, and the 38 point loss two days ago — both are wildly unacceptable — but losing that way is a clear sign that something is wrong at Bramlage. It may be guys tired, it may be the system, it may be that Barry Brown finally came back to Earth and is ready for a rebound. No matter what, for as great as we all felt about this team a little over a week ago, most feel equally bad about where things are right now.

And the whooping that the MittieCats got later that day wasn’t any better. Maybe there is something in the water at the Ice Family Basketball Training Facility...


K-State students earned nearly 13,700 scholarships this year, totaling $34.4 million for the 2017-18 academic year (Mercury, staff reports). Thanks to all you Wildcats who donate back to K-State so current and future Wildcats can get a little tuition relief!