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SLATE: 2018 ends quietly at Kansas State

No news is boring news.

Who else could be in our last photo of the year?
Who else could be in our last photo of the year?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a tremendously boring Monday-slash-New Year’s Eve here at BotC World Headquarters, and we’ve only got two items to share with you before unleashing the horrors of Open Thread Monday on you, our faithful participants.

Yesterday afternoon, the traditional pre-game banging of the drum at Arrowhead was handled by none other than the legend himself. Bill Snyder accepted the ceremonial duties prior to yesterday’s season finale between the Chiefs and Raiders, something he’s previously been unable to do since he’s always been busy in December.

K-State Athletics, via Corbin McGuire’s Sports Extra, has released its 2018 top ten list. It’s obvious from the results that K-State is now a track school, just like we’ve always tried to tell you. Your suggested topic for today: arguing about the list.

Finally, in news having absolutely nothing to do with K-State but is still funny anyway, UCLA is reportedly firing Steve Alford today.

We wish you all a safe and entertaining New Year’s Eve. Don’t drive drunk, don’t overindulge, and don’t go home with anyone you’ll regret waking up next to with a hangover.