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SLATE: Klieman on duty, searching for players and assistants to shape K-State’s future.

NCAA Football: DI Football Championship
We need pictures of Klieman in K-State gear.
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Dean Watch: Day Three, and there is no news, which, in this case, is probably not good news. But, as the athletic department website sunshine-pumping department reports, at least the basketball team has been through this before and has an idea how to deal with the adversity of losing its best player. Okay, but you’d rather not have to face this kind of adversity. We will find out soon whether the spirit that led the ‘Cats through a Deanless tournament run is sustainable for more than a handful of games. If the guys can string together enough plays like this one, maybe everything will be just fine:


The first meaningless bowl games are already in the books, but for the first time in several years, we don’t care much about that. What we do care about is progress toward reshaping the Wildcats in the image of new head coach Chris Klieman. Kellis Robinett reports that the new football boss will be busy recruiting and hiring assistant coaches this week.

His efforts must already be bearing fruit, as last night redshirt freshman safety Marcus Hayes announced his intention to transfer to K-State from New Mexico.

Meanwhile, Arne Green takes a look at how social media impacted the K-State coaching hire and, in particular, quickly reshaped the opinions of those who first screamed in anger at athletic director Gene Taylor’s decision to offer Klieman the huge step up from FCS to a Power-5 school.

Pat Bosco

That’s right. I gave the man his own heading. He’s earned it. After Jon reported Bosco’s impending retirement from K-State yesterday, the Manhattan Mercury ran a feature this morning, describing him as “the face of K-State.” Seems accurate enough to me.