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SLATE: Wade gone indefinitely, women lose to Arizona State

It’s just a **** sandwich of a day here at the ol’ website.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster hates us. Hates each and every one of us.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster hates us. Hates each and every one of us.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Today, there are only three pieces of news to share. All of them are bad, and two of them are so bad that we have multiple perspectives for you to ponder.

Before we get to that, however, let’s get to the news that isn’t, which as far as we’re concerned is also bad news because we’d sure like to have something to report. As of this morning, Chris Klieman has still not officially given anyone a job on the coaching staff. Our crew will be keeping an eye on this situation until it’s no longer a situation, so keep your bat-signals tuned to this here web site.

Men’s Basketball

He was finally starting to look like DEAN WADE after floundering through much of the early season. And now, he’s on the sideline indefinitely, a state of affairs so troubling that the K-State athletic department took the nearly unheard-of step of announcing it directly. The Eagle’s Kellis Robinett covers the story, as does Ryan Black of the Mercury in a more quote-heavy piece.

Wednesday night, the Cats will presumably have to face Southern Miss at Bramlage without Wade’s help.

Women’s Basketball

Jeff Mittie wanted to get Kayla Goth a game close to home. He did, but it didn’t work out in the Wildcats’ favor as they fell 65-51 to (17/19) Arizona State yesterday in La Crosse, Wis. A 7-0 Sun Devil run late in the third quarter put the Cats in the rear view for good, and Arizona State pulled even further away in the final quarter with a 17-10 edge, holding the Wildcats scoreless over the final 5:26.

But Goth made the best of it yesterday, dropping 19 points and a career high three blocks. Peyton Williams had yet another double-double, scoring 17 and retrieving 12 rebounds.

Mitch Vareldzis of our sister site House of Sparky has an ASU-centered recap.


This morning, K-State President Richard Myers announced that at the end of the 2018-19 academic year, vice president for student life and dean of students Pat Bosco will step down and begin a well-earned retirement.

That’s big news for nearly every one of you reading this, as Bosco has been at K-State since 1969 — first as a student and student body president, then a series of administrative positions culminating in his current post, which he’s held for the last ten years.

If there’s any doubt as to Bosco’s impact on campus, there are only two men at K-State who have ever had a campus facility named after them while still drawing a paycheck, and Bill Snyder’s only an asterisk here since it’s technically Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Bosco, for whom the plaza outside the Student Union is named, is the other.

We’ve all got stories, we’re sure. My favorite actually involves another staff member, so I’ll leave that one for KSUEMAW! to tell. But regardless, Bosco will be missed, and his shoes will be awfully hard to fill.

Your task today, commentariat: tell us your favorite Bosco stories.