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Slate: Chris Klieman Wins The Dang Day

Chris Klieman won day one of his tenure as Kansas State’s head football coach.

NCAA Football: DI Football Championship Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Did you #WintheDangDay yesterday? If so you can join Chris Klieman as a #WintheDangDay winner. Klieman was officially announced to the K-State sports world yesterday, and he continued to impress the media and most of Wildcat fandom. Our own Derek Smith reported on his introductory press conference.

One of the more noteworthy tidbits to come out of the press conference was Klieman saying he “looked forward to working” with Sean Snyder. Speculation ran rampant on the Twitterverse as to what position Sean my hold on the new staff. However, that was a bit premature as Klieman later confirmed to media he had met with Sean, but did not promise him a role on his staff (for now at least). (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

Some financial details were also released yesterday. Klieman’s contract stipulates a $6 million buyout if he is fired without cause during the first 3 seasons, but drops by $2 million beginning in 2021. If Klieman leaves for another position he will owe K-State $3 million prior to 2021. His contract also includes bonuses for playing in bowl games, winning the Big 12 title, and finishing in the top 25 among others. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

In more financial news, Bill Snyder will be paid his $3 million dollar buyout, even though he retired from K-State rather than being fired. AD Gene Taylor said “the buyout is something I wanted to do”, and something “he deserved” for everything Snyder has done for Kansas State. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Klieman already has a key component in impressing Wildcat fans, the endorsement of Bill Snyder. (Vahe Gregorian, KC Star)

Klieman has already won over the players which his impressive Introductory speech. (which of course gave rise to the popular #WintheDangDay hastag. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

It wasn’t all great news yesterday, however, as WR Isaiah Harris announced his decision to transfer away from Kansas State. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Klieman is heading back to Fargo, North Dakota today to help his Bison prepare for tomorrow’s Semi-Final game. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be working for Kansas State too. Klieman will work evenings and nights calling and recruiting players for his 2019 recruiting class. You might think it would be tough balancing the two jobs, but Chris Klieman believes it’s actually ‘pretty simple”. (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

Finally Bill C discusses the fan reaction to the hiring of Chris Klieman in this week’s Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody. (Bill Connelly, SBNation)