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Slate: Klieman up in Manhattan

The New coach is in Manhattan, and some questions about the search got cleared up.

NCAA Football: South Dakota at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There is apparently just one thing happening in Wildcatland right now, so let’s jump right in.

Yesterday, new Kansas State Wildcats head football coach Chris Klieman traveled to Manhattan for the first time after accepting the job on Monday. He was greeted by the K-State marching band, cheerleaders, fans, and some local media.

After a brief stop at the airport for pictures and some questions, Klieman made his way to the Vanier Football Complex to meet with players, introducing himself with a fiery speech (Robinett, Star).

For their part, the players are excited about their new coach, and have spent the last several days on social media expressing their thoughts on the hire (Black, Mercury).

Kellis Robinett’s weekly Q&A was filled with questions about on topic: the new coach.

K-State Athletic Director Gene Taylor sat down with Brian Smoller and answered some questions about the coaching search, and cleared up one big rumor in the process: ““there was never a stipulation” to Klieman or any other prospective head coaching candidate to retain Snyder’s leftover staff members” (Black, Mercury). We have our answer, so we can stop debating this issue right now. The leak to the guy from KC never came from K-State, and Littrell did not back out because he couldn’t bring his coaches. Q.E.D. (You can read the full transcript at

There will be a press conference at noon CST today to officially introduce Klieman.

Alright folks, it’s time to win the dang day! Go Cats!