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SLATE: Finally, it’s basketball season for Kansas State

Open thread Friday as we get ready to actually enjoy sports again. We hope, anyway.

Mike McGuirl could be a big part of the push this year.
Mike McGuirl could be a big part of the push this year.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The sense of doom permeating the football program becomes more oppressive with each passing day, but at least tonight a ray of sunshine will burst through the clouds.

Yep, it’s basketball season. Tonight, the Cats will take on Kennesaw State Owls at Bramlage to officially open the 2018-19 campaign. Today’s Sports Extra sees Corbin McGuire reporting on the hunger for even more which consumes senior leaders Barry Brown Jr., Dean Wade, and Kamau Stokes.

Justin Toscano discusses the maturation of sophomore guard Mike McGuirl at the Mercury, while our own Drew Schneider took in the women’s exhibition against Pittsburg State and came away deeply impressed with freshman Christianna Carr.

And that is it for today’s edition, folks. It’s Open Thread Friday as y’all get ready for tonight (and potential disasters tomorrow which we just won’t talk about today because HAPPY TIMES).