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Slate: And Now, Our Watch Begins

Winter came early to the Plains, and with it, the annual K-State coaching vigil.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas State
Winter is here for the Wildcats. Will Bill Snyder remain their coach in the Spring?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Running late after an interminable session in the aptly named “waiting room” at the orthopedist’s office. So let’s get straight to it.


In what has become an annual ritual at K-State, fans, players, coaches and the athletic department have been speculating for weeks about whether this was the last season for Coach Snyder. (He’s 79, you know. Has anyone, anywhere ever reported that he’s 79? If not, you heard it here first: Coach Snyder is seventy-freaking-nine years old!) The coach himself said after the Iowa State loss that retirement was the farthest thing from his mind that night. Now, it’s apparently as much on his mind as everyone else’s. For athletic director Gene Taylor and, really, for everyone, the sooner Coach makes a decision, the better. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but many expect a decision by the end of the week. Apparently the athletic director expressed this expectation himself, which may suggest a timeline has been imposed. Interesting, if so.

Closure is a tortured, overused term, but plans must be made, one way or the other, to forge ahead. Also, many of us would like to be freed from checking social media feeds every ten minutes for the latest non-developments. Expect relief soon, Cat fans. In what form, nobody knows.


Although the volleyball squad’s post-season hopes unraveled in league play, the Big 12 still saw fit to honor two Wildcats, as Gloria Mutiri and Elle Sandbothe were each selected to the All-Big 12 Second Team. Mutiri, who is only a freshman, led the team with 271 kills, while Sandbothe, a junior, became K-State’s career leader in blocks, with 72.

In addition to the season award, Mutiri was also named Big 12 rookie of the week for the second time.

Men’s Basketball

Coach Weber’s squad will lose at least three key pieces at the end of this year, when Barry Brown, Dean Wade and Kamau Stokes all graduate. The reconstituted, new-look ‘Cats will play a warm-up tournament next November, as they head to the Fort Myers Tip-off. Among other teams, the tournament will feature Pittsburgh, Bradley, and those other purple Wildcats from Northwestern.

For a little fun, go to the men’s basketball roster on the athletic department website, scroll down and click on Dean Wade’s bio. Make sure the sound is up on your computer. Trust me. H/t to Luke Thompson for the heads-up.