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SLATE: Snow Day!

Since there’s no classes this morning, we wish we had more news to share. Alas.

Photo by Julie Denesha/Getty Images

How much do you want to bet if Kirk Schulz was still in Manhattan there’d be class this morning?

There isn’t; any classes schedule before noon have been cancelled, and if conditions have students trapped out of town or unable to get to class, it’s an excusable absence. (When did this become a thing, anyway? By gawd, when I was at K-State if you didn’t want to go to class you just rolled over and went back to sleep.)


The biggest news of the day had nothing to do with K-State directly, but it could have a major impact on how matters transpire over the coming weeks. Kliff Kingsbury is officially out at Texas Tech, and that puts an uncomfortable number of coaches who are inextricably linked to K-State on the radar in Lubbock. Reports from the Pittsburgh of the Plains have focused a great deal on athletic director Kirby Hocutt’s network of old friends, which means there are reported indications that Tech has some level of interest in Brent Venables, Seth Littrell, Jim Leavitt, and Bob Stoops, among others. Should Bill Snyder step down, there could be a situation where a bidding war erupts.

As for news of direct import, The Eagle’s Kellis Robinett grades out Saturday’s unit performances, while at the Capital-Journal Arne Green reflects on an uneventful December and wonders what Alex Barnes will decide to do. (Spoiler: given how the NFL has treated running backs at draft time recently, Barnes probably doesn’t have the draft stock to come out this year, and he’d lose his final year of eligibility if he transfers — unless he graduates.)

Over at Bramlage, K-State announced that its 2019 early-season exempt tournament will be the Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans Fort Myers Tip-Off, which will run through November and culminate in a four-team blowout at the Suncoast Credit Union Arena in Fort Myers, Fla. The four headlining teams look pretty great on paper right now, as they sport a collective record of 22-2 thus far in 2018: Northwestern, Bradley, and Pittsburgh. Pitt, like the Cats, is unbeaten; Bradley and the Other Cats have one loss each.

Prior to heading to Fort Myers, K-State will host two games at Bramlage; those opponents are yet to be determined. The good news for this tournament is that their games were actually broadcast on FS1 this year rather than being farmed out to a PPV service.

And with that, we leave you to enjoy the white stuff. (No, Furnace, the other white stuff.) Be safe, everyone.