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SLATE: Madness in Manhattan

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the most exciting thing this weekend happens tonight at Bramlage.

When last we saw our intrepid heroes, they were in the Elite 8.
When last we saw our intrepid heroes, they were in the Elite 8.
Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The Friday news dump? More like a drip. In fact, all we really have to offer you from the football side of the equation is three Oklahoma State-derived articles: at Cowboys Ride for Free, Phil Slavin decided to talk to Derek Young at KSO instead of, you know, one of us; Mark Cooper at the Tulsa World offers a pre-game rundown of stuff; and Hallie Hart at the O’Colly provides a game preview.

Oh, and Corbin McGuire profiles former Wildcat great and current Wildcat coach Eric Hickson in today’s Sports Extra.

No, the big news in Wildcat Nation today has nothing to do with football, which we’re all frankly sort of sick of at this point. It’s tonight’s festivities at Bramlage, where the 2018-19 version of the Kansas State Wildcats — both the men and the women — will be officially unveiled to the public. At 8:00 tonight, Madness in Manhattan kicks off. The doors open at 7:00, and the first 4,000 of you to get in those doors will receive official Elite Eight rally towels. Everyone will get to pick up schedule posters, check out the redecorated concourse, watch skills and dunk contests, and win prizes.

Kellis Robinett reports that Bruce Weber would like this to become an annual event, even without seeing how it goes this time. The last time the Cats tried this, it was 2014 and nobody was interested.

That’s probably not going to be the case tonight.

Finally, as noted yesterday by KSUEMAW!, tonight also features a visit by Texas Tech (10-3-1, 2-2-1 Big 12) to the K-State Soccer Complex to face the Cats (4-7-2, 0-4-0). Can a K-State team finally win a conference game in something this weekend? We’re 0-13 so far, and it could be 0-16 by the end of the weekend.

Hurry, basketball. We need you.