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SLATE: It’...S NO(W) news Monday

You get a Slate today because, well, you need a Slate. Even if there’s nothing in it.

We think it might be winter.
We think it might be winter.
Joe Ledford/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

There is literally nothing today which qualifies as K-State Wildcats news, but because we here at BotC World Headquarters love you and want you to have a place to hang out on this miserable, cold, snowy Monday when most of you wouldn’t even be at work in the first place, here we are.

There is one link to share today, that being this morning’s Sports Extra in which Corbin McGuire pumps up Kaylee Page in the wake of her dominant performance against Oklahoma State Cowboys on Saturday.

This does bring to mind a question, and we want your serious opinions: why do we unreservedly admire a team and coach which is 11-6 (3-3), but we’re really super mad at a team and coach which is 12-5 (2-3)? We’re not asking this because we think it shouldn’t be this way. This, more than anything, is an attempt to sort out why there’s such a stark difference of opinion regarding the two programs even though their resumes over the last few years are not all that dissimilar.

Another question for today, or rather an opportunity to complain: how’s your weather? Have you already thrown out your back? Did you just shrug your shoulders and say to hell with it since you’re off today anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.

And finally, would you rather have the Philadelphia Eagles win next week, or give the Minnesota Vikings a chance to lose yet another Super Bowl? The Vikings can tie a dubious record, one which they used to hold all by themselves until 1990 and then completely lost hold of in 2014: most Super Bowl losses, a record which we think it’s very important that you understand currently belongs solely to the Denver Broncos.

Lastly, we think Eric is threatening to comment on the current situation on the XY side of Bramlage. Stay tuned later today.

Okay, on to the comments. Stay warm, friends.