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SLATE: Women’s Golf Extends Lead

Scared of gophers? Hardly. We’ve faced down winged monkeys before.
Photo by Danny Moloshok/Getty Images


Nothing yesterday. It was the Slate, announcing we will amuse ourselves in the common off week with Minnesota by pretending we play them, then staging a video contest among some staffers from BOTC and The Daily Gopher. Then pfffffft! Not a single word the rest of the day. One might suspect we were moping about something.

That, or anticipating the hilarity of the mythical Minnesota match-up to come, as the case may be. Death to Goldy! Or, in the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre: Au revoir, Gopher!

I’ll bet our friends over at The Daily Gopher hate that almost as much as we despise Dorothy and Toto jokes. Almost. But the wound of our stereotype surely runs wider and cuts deeper. After all, they chose Goldy. We had no say in being forever associated with wicked witches, tornadoes and a sad lack of technicolor. We must vent our frustration on buck-toothed ground-dwelling varmints. But only in our imaginations.


Do you suppose Bill will spend the bye week (er, I mean, Minnesota game week—wink, wink) on the fundamentals of catching the darn football? In the weekly coaches’ teleconference, Coach Snyder cited six drops, of which four were inexcusable/egregious/unacceptable. Insert your own synonym of frustration. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle) My thoughts: Was it really only six?

In his Monday Rewind, Kellis also collected his Lingering Thoughts on Saturday’s game. (Wichita Eagle)

Ken Corbitt also latched on to the catching deficiencies (ironic word choice intended), noting that it was a disappointing/stunning/shocking—again, any number of descriptors will do—reversal of fortunes for the receiving unit. Also, Bill doesn’t want to talk about the video reversal of the fumble/non-fumble/touchdown/non-touchdown. (Topeka Capital-Journal) Really, what’s the point? It was game-changing, sure. But it was not game-ending. There were plenty of missed opportunities to overcome adversity after that play.

NewsOK’s Barry Trammel, who has taken early interest in this team for some reason, says Jesse Ertz is not to blame for Saturday’s foibles. Of course not, Barry. Win as a team; lose as a team. Rule number 3: Unity. Come together as never before.

It seems like a distant future event, but the Baylor game on September 30 will kick off at 2:30 and air on either ABC or ESPN2. Why is the game even to be in play for ABC? Weak slate, perhaps? Prurient interest? Who knows. (


The women’s golf team extended is 12-stroke first round lead to 13 after two rounds in the Marilynn Smith/Sunflower Invitational at Colbert Hills. The team collectively is +7, with Rutgers trailing at +20, and Kansas three strokes further back at +23. (

Senior Connie Jaffrey (-6) holds a four-stroke cushion over teammate Chloe Weir, who carded a team-best one-under par 71 on Monday. Final round begins at 8:00 a.m. today.


Coach Dibbini gets his own television show beginning Thursday, September 21. The three-episode run will air on Cox Channel Kansas 22-2022 on Thursday, September 21; Thursday, October 12 and Thursday, November 2 at 9:30 p.m., with multiple re-airs during each week. (

Men’s Basketball

Dean Wade needs to take a major leap forward if Bruce Weber’s team hopes to compete in the Big 12 this season. After attending the NCAA Elite Men's Basketball Student-Athlete Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana, he feels equipped to take his dreams a step beyond that, even. He has pro aspirations and plans to make the most of his opportunity to show scouts his ability.