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Slate: Kansas State shouldn’t underestimate Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt shouldn’t be considered the KU of the SEC this year, plus Volleyball picks up a win.

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NCAA Football: Charlotte at Kansas State
Wait, you’re telling me Vanderbilt might be decent?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


If there is only one thing you read today please make it this article about the devastation Hurricane Harvey wrought on Houston and how NCAA bylaws may be preventing charitable donation to the University of Houston from being distributed to those in need. Special thanks to honorary Texan, former Houston resident, and Bring on the Cats founder, TB for writing this fantastic article.

In other news here at the site, Luke Thompson and BracketCat sat down with Adam Sparks for this weeks edition of Bring on the PodCats, where-in they preview the upcoming game against Vanderbilt.


Early injuries on the offensive line has allowed Kansas State to develop its depth along the line, which will be a key factor in this weeks game against Vanderbilt, as they are a team that thrives on pressuring the QB and stuffing the run game. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Both Jesse Ertz and Kyle Shurmur have had fast starts this season, but the question for both players is “Can they keep it up?” (Adam Sparks, The Tennessean)

Vanderbilt may be an SEC team, but they don’t pack their stadium like most SEC teams. That probably has something to do with an enrollment of only 6,885, but it still shouldn’t shock K-State fans to see a big contingent (something in the neighborhood of 10,000) of purple at the game on Saturday. (Kevin Haskin, Capital Journal)

The days of three cupcakes and then the Big 12 schedule are gone for Kansas State, and this week is certainly the first big test of the year for the Wildcats. (AP, via

When you say the name Vanderbilt football, you immediately think of them as the KU of the SEC. That shouldn’t be the case this year as fourth year head coach Derek Mason lead the Commodores to a bowl last season and looks to build on that success. (Joe Rexrode, The Tennessean)

Bill Snyder and the Wildcats are all about consistency and that’s one of the reasons you can guarantee the Wildcats will wear their white tops with silver pants. Meanwhile Vanderbilt will debut a new look against the Wildcats, including a gold with black anchor helmet. (Jake Rill, SEC Country)


The Wildcats picked up another win, this time against the University of Missouri Kansas City. It was a good start to the week, which will finish in Omaha as the Wildcats will face Nebraska, Nebraska-Omaha, and Norther Iowa in a weekend tournament. (Avery Osen, The Collegian)