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More All Big 12 Honors

And band kids going viral (for good reasons)

Never forget. Honor the fight. Greg Woods

So, we didn’t have anything new and special for you yesterday besides the Slate - sorry about that, Faithful Reader - so lets drop right in to the new stuff for today...


The big news out of the Big 12 office yesterday was the announcement of the preseason All-Big 12 team. K-State senior Bryna Vogel was the lone Wildcat tabbed by league coaches to the squad, but the Clearwater, KS native earned it after a junior season that led to a All-Big 12 2nd Team nod. KU and Texas, last year’s Big 12 #1 and #2 teams, each garnered three players on the list to lead the league. Oklahoma State was the lone school without a representative on the honor list.


You’ve probably already seen it on social media, but a few Pride of Wildcatland members got stuck on the side of the road in southwest Kansas due to a flat tire (Mark Minton, Garden City Telegram). But they didn’t just sit idly by waiting for relief, the climbed in the bed of the truck they were in and started playing Wabash Cannonball. You can slow down band kids, but you can’t stop them.

Your thought for the day: who pissed off Ben Adler? I mean, plenty of guys aren’t smiling/look serious in their official pic, but dude looks like he’s about to maul the cameraperson...