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Late Slate yesterday has us all over the place today

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Good, afternoon Wildcats (at least in GOTZ and the east coast)! Yesterday’s late Slate covered much of what we would normally drop today, so be sure and check that out for Wildcat news that dropped yesterday.

Also, another reminder to keep your eyes and ears alert for the latest iteration of Bring on the PodCats, hosted by our own Luke Thompson, who will be visiting with long-time Big 12 reporter David Ubben.

We really just have one Wildcat-related tidbit today. In another shocking revelation (*sarcasm font alert), stats don’t like Snyderball. This time, it isn’t notorious Wildcat HAETER Bill Connelly, but rather former friend Dan Becker (previously of WRNL) and his latest venture College Football Analytics. His stats — based off of the Pythagorean Expectation Theorem and calculated with the adjusted offensive and defensive scoring efficiencies — were used to predict the 2017 football season. And in no small surprise, the Wildcats fared poorly (you’ll have to use the drop-down, can’t link directly to the K-State page, sorry), with the stats only predicting a 4-8 finish for the Wildcats.

However, before you start laying on the #RAEGHATE, he knows the projections are “Not Right” and says the projections are bad because of all the lost starters on D, and the stats don’t take into account a full season of Ertz because of injuries. Also, the stats predict KU to go 2-10 (winning their first two then losing-out) and Oklahoma State going 12-0.

So that’s it Wildcat fans, go crazy and remember that there’s less than three weeks to the home opener!