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Xavier Sneed headed to Belize (for a couple of weeks, don’t panic)

Football getting some love, too, and whatever happened with Corey Sutton?

The X-Factor will get some extra experience this month.
The X-Factor will get some extra experience this month.
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It’s strangely quiet considering it’s the second Friday in August. We are literally only 13 days from the first actual regular-season football games between accredited four-year colleges. Let that sink in.


Via the Capital-Journal, an Associated Press story contemplates the key players in the 2017 Big 12 race. Only three teams are mentioned as legitimate contenders, and the fact that there are three should be the only clue you need as to why we’re linking the article.

The AP’s Dave Skretta may well have been responsible for that uncredited article, as he also wrote at length regarding the chances of Jesse Ertz and Bill Snyder leading the Wildcats to glory, while also providing a general preview of the team. (via the Merced Sun-Star)

In today’s Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire writes about Dalton Risner and his dedication to community service.

Finally, Bret Strelow of the Winston-Salem Journal profiles a redshirting receiver for the Appalachian State Mountaineers by the name of Corey Sutton, whose transfer landed him on the same field his own father once patrolled.

Men’s Basketball

Kellis Robinett reports that there’s a team of college players headed to Belize for a five-game exhibition swing, and Xavier Sneed is one of the headline acts.