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A hoops brotherhood

Four former Wildcats win league titles and keep in touch

LaSalle v Kansas State Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It’s only 57 days to kickoff, as BracketCat reminds us with a profile of #57 linebacker Danny Walker.

It’s a slow news day today, so let’s catch up with our brethren to the south, shall we?

ESPN suggests Oklahoma State might be a national title contender. Mason Rudolph and the potent Cowpokes offense should be able to make a statement on the field this season.

A number of Big 12 opponents stand in the way, of course, not least the Oklahoma Sooners. OU is contending with its first coaching transition in nearly two decades, but the Sooners are not expected to step too far back under Lincoln Riley.

Meanwhile, a small group of former Kansas State players are making good on the hard courts. In 2017, Martavious Irving, Thomas Gipson, Justin Edwards, and Lance Harris all won league championships with their respective teams. Though their fortunes are now very different, these four players have remained connected and credit their “family” experience at Kansas State with keeping them together.

Happy weekend, all!