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Big 12’s best road trip?

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Also, is there life for student-athletes after they’re done with sports?

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports


How many days till Real Live Football? Well, according to BracketCat, we are Tyler Mitchell (62) days from kickoff.


What is the best road trip during the Big 12 football season? Well, in week 6, it’s probably Kansas State traveling to Austin, or at least ESPN’s Jake Trotter thinks so.

It’s a slow news day, so let’s talk about something we’ve riffed on in the comments section here before: what happens to most college athletes when they’re done with sports?

At Clemson and Cal, the football programs are trying to educate athletes on the notion that their sports careers will not last forever, and that it’s appropriate to train now for what will come later. At Clemson, the training focuses on internships and volunteer opportunities that help athletes build resumes. At Cal, the focus is on helping athletes network with former Cal players who now inhabit boardrooms across the Bay Area.


Speaking of life after sports, two former Kansas State basketball players found that life together. Missy Decker (1993-97) and Jay Heydrick (1997-99) got married and are now raising a family in Olathe. In this interview, they chat about a wide range of topics and offer their views on Bruce Weber and Jeff Mittie.