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“An environment all teams should strive to emulate”

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Weeks later, and Scott Frantz is still making news.

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But we already knew that.
But we already knew that.
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Two stories in the Dallas Morning News yesterday focused on K-State lineman Scott Frantz. They intersect a great deal, but the overall gist is that our friends down in Texas are pretty impressed with the whole deal. The quote headlining the article is a portion of a comment from Longhorn head coach Tom Herman, and he’s talking about Kansas State.

That quote comes from a piece by Jori Epstien, which makes a point of referring to Frantz as “the guy who shut down Myles Garrett,” and that’s actually one of the points Epstien’s trying to make: whatever Frantz’s sexual orientation, he’s damn good.

In another piece by Epstein, various Longhorns (and Herman) are asked about the situation, and all agreed that if the same thing happened in Austin, they’d hope the reaction would be the same as it was in Manhattan. Texas linebacker Naashon Hughes specifically wanted the chance to give Frantz a pat on the back.

From Jeff Metcalfe at the Arizona Republic: Brett Bell is soon to be a Sun Devil. The former K-State tight end, who will play this fall at Hutchinson CC, will head to Tempe in December to join Arizona State.

Ken Corbitt appears to be working his way through the Wildcat offensive line, as yesterday he dropped words on right tackle Dalton Risner.

Finally, a stupid paper in a stupid town is posting their stupid pre-season rankings. The Orlando Sentinel has K-State 28th, which is about par for the course with them. (They’re always wrong.)