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Kansas State snag OL commit

Christian Duffie verbally commits to Kansas State

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Christian Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports


38 days remain until Wildcat football, and BracketCat continued his run through the roster with #38 Winston Dimel.

Yesterday, 39 days remained, meaning BracketCat turned his eye towards #3 Daniel Green.


K-State’s hot streak on the recruiting trail continued yesterday, as OL Christian Duffie from Houston, verbally committed to Kansas State. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

I think everyone would agree the top two coaching jobs are Oklahoma and Texas in some order. But where does our favorite Wildcat team land? Our friends at Viva the Matadors took a stab at ranking all the Big 12 coaching jobs. (Zach Mason, Viva the Matadors)

And that’s all the news from Wildcat land. So your topic for discuss today, If you could take one trip abroad where would you travel?