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Bill Snyder, Sean Snyder, and the Kansas State succession

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Plus a whole slew of minor news items for your Friday enjoyment. (LOL Hugh Freeze.)

Well, if nothing else, this should get the comments humming again.
Well, if nothing else, this should get the comments humming again.
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This is a busy, busy Friday morning here at the Slate, and we’re going to get started with a piece of non-Wildcat news. If you missed it — and while there’s no way you did if you’re active on Twitter, if you’re not it’s quite possible that in the wake of O.J. Simpson’s release from prison it may have slipped past you — Mississippi head coach Hugh Freeze suddenly and abruptly resigned yesterday at the request of Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork. (Mark Schlabach, ESPN)

The proximate cause was itself complex: thanks to an FOIA request associated with the lawsuit against Ole Miss by former coach Houston Nutt, it was discovered that a call had been made by Freeze to a Detroit number associated with a Tampa escort service.

And while that’s what got all the jokes rolling last night, apparently what got Freeze an invitation to depart Oxford was that Ole Miss, tipped off by Nutt’s attorneys to the escort call, dug deeper into Freeze’s phone records and discovered a concerning “a pattern of personal conduct”.

That Freeze has long traded on the piety of his religious belief makes this all the more tawdry, of course. In the wake of the announcments, we have the more lunatic fringes of the Ole Miss fanbase accusing everyone under the sun of running a setup, and all we need now is Louise Mensch to begin investigating.

But we shouldn’t succumb to schadenfreude here, because THAT DAMNED CONVERSATION has reared its ugly head again. Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman talked with Bill Snyder this week at Media Days, and... oh, here’s the Sean Snyder succession plan again.

Just in case you’re new here, we’re strongly opposed to this for reasons which have nothing to do with how we feel about anyone involved. Sean’s a good guy. Bill deserves a lot. But this would be a lot easier to swallow if Sean had gone out and built up a resume somewhere else.

Anyway. On to Everything Else.

More Football

Watch list time! Both Justin Silmon and Alex Barnes have been named to the Doak Walker Award watch list. It’s very rare for two backs from the same school to get the nod, because obviously in most cases there’s one guy who’s going to do all the work.

Max Duggan, a quarterback from Council Bluffs, got whiplash after being involved in a car crash in Atlanta on Thursday while traveling among SEC schools for recruiting visits. Duggan is tentatively slated to stop in Manhattan on the way home. (Kevin White, Omaha World-Herald)

Dalton Risner was a hit at media days, says Kellis Robinett.

Also at the Star, Blair Kerkhoff and Pete Grathoff list the 20 most influential sports people in Kansas City. Probably because he is not in Kansas City but 120 miles to the west, Bill Snyder only comes in eighth. But Andy Reid is eighth and Salvador Perez is tenth, so there’s that.

The Lawrence Journal-World’s editorial board, in whole, applauded Scott Frantz for his courage in coming out. Before you get too surprised by the unofficial mouthpiece of KU doing so, remember that Frantz is from Lawrence.

Christopher Walsh of SECCountry lists the top 10 programs Alabama has never faced in football, and guess who’s on the list?

Not Football

Drew Johnson is the new women’s basketball coach at Bethel College, an NAIA school in North Newton. His number one assistant? That’d be his wife, Nicole Johnson. Or, as you know her, Nicole Ohlde.

There’s some basketball tomorrow that we all care about, even if you don’t realize you care about it yet. Jacob Pullen and the rest of Purple & Black will be taking on the Golden Eagles, Marquette’s alumni team, in the Super 16 round of The Basketball Tournament. That’s at 1pm CT on ESPN. The main ESPN. Don’t miss it.

We already knew K-State would be playing in the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational in November. Now we know which of the other three teams they’re definitely going to play, as it’s been announced that the Cats will take on Arizona State at 6:30 CT on November 23 at the Orleans Arena. The following day, they will face either the winner or loser of the Xavier/George Washington game, depending of course on whether K-State wins or loses. Because that’s how these things work, you see.

Finally, in Sports Extra, Corbin McGuire profiles future FBI agent (and maybe US Olympian) Ariel Okorie, who will be representing the red, white, and blue this weekend in the Pan American Junior Games in Lima, Peru. Okorie will compete in the heptathlon, and she’ll be doing so because she won the USA Junior title last month.