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“Take it from me”

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Bill Snyder to author children’s book

Kansas State  v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images


We’re less than 50 days from Real Live Kansas State football! BracketCat honors the milestone with a profile of #49 long snapper Wesley Burris.

Luke Sobba returns to the BotC front page with a quick reminder about Season 7 of some HBO show he likes: One Countdown Down.


This isn’t really a football story. It’s actually a bedtime story. Move over “Goodnight Moon.” You will soon be replaced by “Take it from Me,” a children’s book by our very own Bill Snyder. We don’t know what the book is about just yet, but here’s hoping it’s handwritten in slanted purple ink!

#FAMILY was the headline this weekend, as former Wildcats and fans were in Manhattan for the ninth annual Wildcats for Charity event in support of Eric Wolford’s charity, No Stone Unturned.


Purple and Black will tip off against Hilton Magic today at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. The Iowa State alumni squad were 91-87 winners over the Illinois Hoopville Warriors.

Purple and Black beat the Canton Bulldogs 79-70, and our own Greg Woods has the scoop.

What are current Kansas State players up to right now? Well, it looks like a pool party, but it’s actually workout: Summer Pool Shenanigans.


Former Kansas State Wildcat Robert Streb qualified for the British Open recently, and he’s looking forward to making a real mark at his third attempt at winning the Claret Jug. He missed the cut last year, so let’s hope he has a better time of it next week at the Royal Birkdale.

Happy weekend, all!