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Kansas State’s Dean Wade aiming for consistent performance

Plus other random news shots for your weekend.

He’ll be the very model of a modern major general, or something.
He’ll be the very model of a modern major general, or something.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Slate is the news equivalent of a shotgun blast. Lots of little things all over the place.

Random basketball news department: At the Capital-Journal, Ken Corbitt reports on Dean Wade’s visit to Hayden High School for a basketball camp, and on Wade’s quest for consistency.

Are we even trying to recruit? department: For Bleacher Report, David Kenyon outlines each top-25 team’s top target at The Opening this week. K-State’s primary target is 4-star Texas corner Jalen Green, but he’s a longshot.

SPIDERS department: CBS’s Dennis Dodd opines on the new concealed carry law which will affect K-State and all other campuses in Kansas, and on how that might affect the athletic programs themselves.

Blast from the past department: Thirty years ago today, according to the Parsons Sun, former Wildcat basketball player John Olson was named head girls’ basketball coach at Parsons High.

Finally, in the what the hell is this even department: Kansas State won a baseball title. In the Norwell (Mass.) Little League. We have questions. Why is a Little League team in Massachusetts called “Kansas State” and using the Powercat logo? Is K-State sponsoring them? Does anyone in Manhattan even know about this?