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Katie Brand Nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year

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Katie Brand is nominated for a prestigious award, plus D.J. Johnson continues his basketball career.

No stupid trip to Nebraska this year.
Katie Brand and the Wildcats take on Oklahoma.
Brandon Payne

It’s an extremely slow news day here in Wildcat Land, so in addition to the two stories that comprise today’s slate we’ll provide a discussion topic. What was your favorite activity during summer, while you were in Manhattan? Personally, when not working, mine was to go to the Natatorium and swim for awhile before sitting outside my apartment drinking a cold beer. Hiking the Konza Prairie was also fun.


The countdown to football has now reached 67 days. And BracketCat continued to mark the passing days with his roster countdown, this time examining Reid Najvar, #67 for your Kansas State Wildcats.

Jon Morse got back in the Tardis, as he continues his trek through K-State history, this time landing in the 1925-26 season.

Men’s Basketball

This may have been covered in previous slate’s but we’re bringing it to you again in case you missed out. D.J. Johnson is continuing his basketball career in Greece, after signing a pro contract with Lavrio. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)


On Tuesday, the NCAA announce Katie Brand as a nominee for the annual NCAA Woman of the Year award. (