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Thomas Gipson in France

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Also, remembering 1998...

LaSalle v Kansas State Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images


We’re less than 70 days from Real Live Kansas State Football! In celebration, BracketCat’s roster countdown is at #68 for true freshman lineman Bill Kuduk.

Ah, 1998. As Kansas State fans, we all have fond (and one not-so-fond) memories of the season. That the memories of Wildcat opponents might be less than rosy goes without saying, but I was kind of impressed that Missouri fans still remember the 1998 game against Kansas State so fondly, considering Mizzou lost the game despite fighting furiously through four quarters.

What I remember is this: it was the final regular season game for both teams, the grass at Faurot Field seemed suspiciously longer than usual, and Corby Jones lit up Kansas State’s secondary and maybe gave RC Slocum and Texas A&M a formula for beating the Wildcats. Dammit, Mizzou!


Thomas Gipson is now with a French club, Boulazac Basket Dordogne of the Pro B league in France. This might not be newsworthy by itself, but the team’s player profile page notes that Gipson is from the University of Kansas.

You know what this means? We’re all eating Freedom Fries again.


It’s Monday and a slow news day. So, here, have ALL THE SPIDERS:

The law exempting Kansas’ public universities from the state’s conceal-carry law expires on July 1. Predictably, some Kansas State University faculty are stepping down and/or leaving the school as a form of protest (Dylan Lysen, Manhattan Mercury).