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Wesley Iwundu drafted, Barry Brown jousts with Devonte Graham

Plus another Tennessee blogger already hates John Currie.

Our boy got the mic drop.
Our boy got the mic drop.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a super-slow day here, with the only actual news being the selection of Wesley Iwundu by the Orlando Magic early in the second round of last night’s NBA Draft. Greg Woods and AMS teamed up to deliver you the story right here at your home for Wildcat greatness.

Also gracing our pages yesterday were BracketCat’s profile of #72, offensive lineman Evan Curl, and the March Through Time hit 1922-23, the opening of Memorial Stadium and the final official retirement of the Aggie moniker. That’s right, 1922 marked the beginning of the Wildcat era.

In other news from around the interwebs:

Barry Brown and KU’s Devonte Graham did a camp together in Topeka on Wednesday, and Kellis Robinett reports on the playful Twitter banter that resulted. We think Barry got the better of it, but I guess maybe we’re biased. Maybe.

At Fansided, Caleb Calhoun goes off on yet another Volunteer-style rant about one John Currie. We actually take some small exception to one aspect of this rant: Currie did make one major and successful hire in Manhattan, because we’re not oafish enough to pretend women’s basketball isn’t a major sport on campus.

And now, we close with a rundown of Iwundu reactions, which is still pretty brief as it’s still a bit early for writers to start dissecting a second-round pick:

  • Cory Hutson at 16 Wins a Ring thinks it was a decent pick for the Magic if Iwundu has developed as a shooter, because they’re desperate for shooters.
  • Paul Kasabian at Bleacher Report, grading all the picks, notes that Orlando really needs help on the wing, and help on the bench, and that Iwundu can solve both problems. (B grade)
  • Daniel O’Brien at FanRag doesn’t offer much in the way of an opinion regarding the selection, but does explain what Iwundu will and won’t bring to Orlando.