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With Corey Sutton, Kansas State is suffering another transfer-related PR nightmare

Meanwhile, men’s basketball non-con schedule announced, and UMKC hires another Wildcat

It’s pretty rare for Bill Snyder to give us a headache.
It’s pretty rare for Bill Snyder to give us a headache.
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Man, not again.

A few years ago, K-State suffered a barrage of negative press due to John Currie’s refusal to just let Leticia Romero transfer.

And now it’s happening again, but we don’t have the evil athletic director to blame this time. No, this one is solely on the shoulders of Bill Snyder. Corey Sutton, who announced a few weeks ago that he intended to transfer, presented a list of 35 schools. What was not on that list? Any Big 12 teams or future K-State opponents. There were some FCS and Division II programs in there, though.

Snyder is refusing to release Sutton to any of them, and his reasons are predictably mercurial. Snyder made reference to a couple of failed drug tests, and also discussed how if players transfer just because they aren’t starting, you don’t have any depth. In reality, it’s probably got more to do with Sutton dropping out of school immediately after announcing his intentions rather than finishing the semester, but that’s just supposition.

It’s also worth noting that Snyder made a point of mentioning that he has never kept a player who blew two drug tests, but Sutton was apparently still welcome despite this. That tends to indicate a desire to just keep Sutton around... which would actually be the least acceptable excuse for refusing the release.

Bullet list of articles covering the topic, almost every one of which at least mildly criticizes Snyder:

As is his wont, TB plans to have some comment on this matter later today or over the weekend. Meanwhile, yesterday’s installment of BracketCat’s annual countdown hit number 93 with defensive end Davis Clark.

In happier football news, Michael Bishop and Martin Gramatica are among the nominees for the next class of inductees to the College Football Hall of Fame. We’ll find out if they made the cut on January 8, 2018, prior to this season’s national championship game. At Sports on Earth, “the other Matt Brown” lists his top 15 candidates on this year’s ballot, with Bishop at #13.

Men’s Basketball

The 2017-18 non-conference schedule has been released, with highlights including a November home game against Big West darlings Cal-Irvine, the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational against some combination of Arizona State, George Washington, and Xavier, a visit to Vanderbilt on December 3, the December 9 Wichita tilt against Tulsa, a “neutral” game against Washington State in Spokane on December 20, and the Big 12-SEC Challenge meeting at Georgia on January 27.

Women’s Basketball

Jacie Hoyt isn’t heading to Kansas City alone. Yesterday, UMKC announced the hiring of a new assistant coach: Kindred Wesemann. The Wildcat star, who is from suburban Kansas City, could be a big part of making the Kangaroos relevant.


The FLW College Fishing National Championship is underway at Wheeler Lake in Florence, Ala., and guess who’s leading the pack so far? The K-State duo of Kyle Alsop — who won the 2016 Bassmaster College Series National Championship last year with former partner Taylor Bivins — and Travis Blenn took the lead yesterday. The final day of competition is already underway, and we’ll see if EMAW can hang on to claim yet another weird national championship.