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Kansas State Monday news and notes

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Wesley Iwundu, Vic Castillo, Kyle Alsop. They have two things in common: EMAW and today’s news.

More and more buzz for the former Wildcat
More and more buzz for the former Wildcat
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the summer doldrums. Three short items for you today, but first a look back at the weekend:

BracketCat’s countdown proceeds apace, with defensive tackle Aidan Murray holding down the 77th day before kickoff, while yesterday’s profile for day 76 was offensive lineman Josh Rivas.

In our March Through Time, on Saturday we chronicled 1917-18 and gave due reverence to the tragic wartime death of Lieutenant Eddie Wells, all-Missouri Valley star for the Farmers; on Sunday, we discussed 1918-19, belatedly introducing you to the fascinating Germany Schulz, highlighting TWO conference titles, and in the comments daaitoulaam absolutely went off researching the impact of the Spanish Flu. An excellent appendix to the main story which is not to be missed, folks.

As for today’s trio of unrelated items:

Kellan Olson at Arizona Sports 98.7 FM reports on the Phoenix Suns and their potential embrace of the “positionless basketball” paradigm. Key in this discussion: former Wildcat forward/guard Wesley Iwundu, who attracted the attention of Suns assistant GM Pat Connelly.

David Flores at KENS, the CBS affiliate in San Antonio, profiles a former Wildcat of whom you may not have heard. Vic Castillo started at quarterback for the Cats in 1965-66, leaving for Emporia State his senior season in the wake of the firing of Doug Weaver. Castillo will be inducted into the San Antonio Independent School District Athletic Hall of Fame on August 26, which is why Castillo is getting attention now.

Finally, Josh Rouse at the Capital-Journal talks with the guy who is suddenly a #BassFishingU legend, two-time national champion Kyle Alsop.