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Louisville gets hammered by NCAA, Bruce Weber dismisses Isaiah Maurice

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And a former K-State baseball assistant gets a head coaching gig.

Well, this is going to end badly, isn’t it?
Well, this is going to end badly, isn’t it?
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With K-State’s sports teams now on the sidelines until football season kicks off, the content value of the Friday Slate will be lacking for a couple of months.

But that’s okay, because now we have time to discuss the terrible things happening to other people.

First, let’s recap yesterday’s action here at your favorite website.

BracketCat slid into the seventies in his annual countdown, profiling TB’s favorite Wildcat, offensive lineman Adam Holtorf. Meanwhile, your benevolent despot’s March Through Time continued with fall 1914 through spring 1916, otherwise known as the end of the Guy Lowman era and the lone season under John “Chief” Bender, when the Aggies became Wildcats for one year.

Oh, and there was one other item.

Men’s Basketball

Bruce Weber has sent forward Isaiah Maurice packing, as reported by AMS (with some uncredited additions by Greg Woods). Maurice was hit with the giant “violation of team rules” hammer, which is usually something minor and stupid when you just get suspended and something major and stupid when you get thrown off the bus.

Obviously, this will create some problems in the paint for K-State and headaches for Dean Wade this winter unless some other new faces step up in a big way.

Of course, that news was quickly drowned out by yesterday’s bombshell from Indianapolis. The NCAA handed down its ruling on the sex-for-recruits scandal at Louisville, and it could involve an NCAA basketball champion being forced to take down their flags for the first time ever.

The penalty is pretty harsh. Any game in which a player who was involved in receiving freebie sexual favors is to be vacated, and that could include the 2013 national title. Rick Pitino will suffer a suspension, although oddly that suspension isn’t as long as Jim Boeheim was forced to endure last year.

NBC’s Rob Dauster asks a good question. The answer to his headline question, following Betteridge’s Law of Headlines, is “no”. The title will simply be vacant, because a the loser of a vacated game is not declared the winner.

On ESPN Radio last night, Jay Bilas explained something very important: essentially, this is an extra benefits case. Theoretically, if the cash value of the extra benefits were to be small enough, the players could repay the value in some fashion and — at least following their own precedents -- the NCAA would set aside the order to vacate. We’ll have to see what happens when Louisville officially responds to the penalty.


Rob Vaughn was the starting catcher on the 2009 squad which earned the first NCAA berth for the BatCats, and spent two years in the White Sox organization after being drafted in the 30th round that year. Vaughn, who later spent the 2011 and 2012 seasons as an assistant at Tointon, has been named the head coach of the baseball program at Maryland per Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun.

Vaughn served as an assistant for the Terrapins from 2013-17, and is now promoted to the big chair following John Szefc resigning in order to take the head gig at Virginia Tech.


A couple of random whatsits today:

Writing for Baylor’s 247 site, former Wichita Eagle dude Tony Adame runs down K-State’s key weapons for 2017 and asks his readers which is the most dangerous. He also offers a way-too-early preview of the Baylor/K-State tilt (slideshow warning).