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Who’s next?

Where does Kansas State look when Bill Snyder steps down?

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NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Kansas State vs Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a theme to today’s very short slate, and it ties in nicely with today’s topic for discussion. It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves many times, but the decision time appears to be quickly approaching. Who do you want to see take over once Bill Snyder retires? A follow up discussion question, Do you believe Sean Snyder can be successful as head coach, if he’s promoted following his dad’s retirement? And with those questions, onto the news.


I mentioned above that it’ll be a short slate today, and there’s only two news worthy items. First up is a story from George Schroeder, USA Today, about Bill Snyder and his battle with cancer. (George Schroeder, USA Today)

The second story plays off the first, with Dennis Dodd examining the battle at Kansas State over who should succeed our legendary coach. (Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports)

As TB mentioned yesterday on twitter, Bill Snyder feeling fatigue should be worrisome for Kansas State fans, and certainly moves up the timeline for discussing who his successor should/will be. My hope is Kansas State has learned from the previous mistakes made in replacing Coach Snyder during his first retirement, and hire someone who can keep the momentum of the program moving forward.